A letter for all students and the parents

Dear all,

With the coming of Spring Festival,all the teachers from Wenxin Chinese School sincerely wish you and your family good healthand happy New Year!

Let’s have a short review. The school has been set up two and a half years, from the beginning of the 5 students to the present around 50 students.We have 3 teachers in total now.The classes from the basic(pin yin group) to grow-up’s.The most important thing is that the students are more and more enthuisastic for studying Chinese.We’re very proud of this.It pushes us to be more responsible.If you want to know more information,you can go to our website www.wenxinchineseschool.nl

We are non-profit school, but we make every time the cost of the rented rooms and the teachers. For the long-term development and improve the administration of our school, we decide as follows:

1.       We hope you can inform us at least one day earlier before the class,if the student will be absent for the weekend lesson.

2.       The tuition fee per month or per semester is paid at the beginning of the month, via our bank account: NL56 RABO 0304 4092 00 or pay in cash.

We would like wish you and your family again a fantastic 2017.



Sumei Ren

Yange Bi

Xiangju Zou