A letter for students and parents

Apeldoorn 26th,January 2018

Dear parents and students,

The western New Year has just passed and the Chinese New Year is coming. On behalf of all teachers, we wish everyone a prosperous 2018, with a lot of luck and love. This is certainly an opportune moment to express our gratitude. Without your support we would not be able to stand firmly here.
In order to develop the school better, we make a few regulations, as follow:
• Respect each other with the idea that everyone is unique and look for common ideas and interests.
• Prohibit physical violence and encourage good behavior. For example: You have to apologize for undesirable behavior.
• Careful handling of the facilities of the school or damage to the school must be compensation.
• Unless the teacher goes along, do not play outside the school building. Because it is too dangerous.
• The kitchen, pantry and office are not intended for students.
• Encourage payment in advance, monthly or quarterly.
• Being on time at the lesson is important. Mobile phone is not allowed using in the class except with the teacher’s permission . During the break time, we prefer that the pupils participate more socially activities and do not always play with the mobile.
We assume that many of you have heard the news about the strike of the Dutch primary schools such as the low teacher salary. The same problem also happens at our school. Declaring the expenses of teachers and using the classroom are the biggest expenses. The bills are paid regardless of whether there are students.
Your suggestions are always welcome. In fact, all kinds of financial support will help our school enormously, so that we can invest for fun activities or interesting books.
You can transfer your donations to the account:
Name: S. REN
Account: NL56 RABO 0304 4092 00

More information can be found on our website: www.wenxinchineseschool.nl

Sumei Ren