Learn experience

Every Monday afternoon I have my Chinese lessons at the Wenxin Chinese School. I started studying there in the summer of 2018 with the beginner adult classes. I wanted to study Chinese because I was going to do my internship in march of 2019 for my study para-veterinarian in Beijing, China and I wanted to know at least enough of the Chinese language to be able to communicate at the vet clinic I was going to work at.

Sù Méi, the teacher of the adult classes helped me a lot to learn as much Chinese as possible in that short amount of time and when I went to China I knew enough to be able to find my way trough the city and the clinic. After my internship I continued to study Chinese and this year will be my 3rd year.

During every lesson we discuss some things we have experienced throughout the week and we learn from each other. Because we use our own experiences during the lessons we become more confident in speaking Chinese and the lessons are more dynamic. We also use our books to learn the basic rules of grammar and to develop our listening, reading, pronunciation and writing skills. This all together makes every lesson unique and fun.

So, for everyone who wants to learn more about the Chinese culture and the Chinese language, the Wenxin Chinese School Apeldoorn is the place to be.